Social Media Puts Young People’s Lives at Risk

Uri Hasson


Professor of Psychology and Neuro Science / Princeton

Together, We Can Partner to Make Social Media Sustainable and Safe


Media today is amplifying hate, misinformation, and conflict. It’s undermining civil society and democracy. Social Media is addictive. Platforms amplify misinformation for profit. It’s hurting our children.

The Sustainable Media Center is a 501c3 organization formed by a diverse and inclusive board of over 85 leaders in media, technology and academia who want to foster and facilitate positive change to the current state of media.


To give young media consumers and creators the power, actions, and agency to demand change in how social media treats them. To build these new actions from the ground up, by supporting NextGen activists with Intergenerational resources. To  use ideas, iteration, testing, and data to ensure measurable impact. Agency fueled by actions.


Our mission is to act as a catalyst to change media for the better, working with young people to give them agency over the media they consume, create, and share.

Avalon Fenster Designation

"Young people deserve media that entertains and informs without undermining their health and emotional wellbeing."

Baratunde Thurston Author, host, podcaster, Journalist

"Media can make the world better. But there's profit in algorithmic terror, and that's going to eat the whole damn world."

Sherry Turkle Author: Reclaiming Conversation

“Technology is seductive when what it offers meets our human vulnerabilities. And as it turns out, we are very vulnerable indeed."

Taylor Lorenz Washington Post

"Young people are hyper-aware of their digital footprint from a very, very young age."

Meet The Team:

We believe in making change with action. A remarkable team of thinkers and do-ers. We want ideas to test, and build solutions.

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