NYC: Jonathan Haidt, Scott Gallaway, Emma Lembke. (Live and on YouTube).
TED Mainstage, “Do we love our children?”
SXSW AI and the Future of Truth – March 11th / SXSW (supported by Craig Newmark Philanthropies, and NYPL).
April 3rd Broken Code Book Event.
Jan 19th – Next Gen Board Mtg.
Jan 31st – Senate Office Building – Dick Durbin. Big Tech CEOs testify.
Jan 29th – Jonathan Taplin, Joe Stiglitz at 92nd St. Y
March 31st. SMC Actions and Updates session.

Listen, Learn, Launch – with David Simas
Section 230 – What Comes Next: With Future.US
Advertising Impacts: Working Group with Matt Prohaska
Shareholder Activism with Andy Behar.

Partnership with theFuture.US / Xander, Evan and Lara
Frank McCourt: Project Liberty: TikTok Bid.
Clarity Foundation Partnership
WeAre8 Partnership
WhatWeSow – Andy Behar
Mindful Philanthropies Partnership
Archewell Foundation Partnership

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