SMC at TED 2024

It was an extraordinary week of conversations, community, and strategic action in Vancouver. The TED 2024 gathering was a sign of the future. A diverse group of technologists, thought leaders, […]

The Digitization Of Childhood Play

Jonathan Haidt’s new book “The Anxious Generation” is generating many conversations about youth and social media, and the impact of growing up in a digital world. His work aligns with […]

Trump’s Troubled TRUTH

The story of how Truth Social has arrived at a moment to become a public company seemingly overnight is a complicated financial journey — but one worth unpacking. The public […]

The TikTok Doom Loop

Starting with the allegations against TikTok: The U.S. government has an agency named CFIUS, tasked with monitoring foreign entities operating in the U.S. After a year of scrutinizing TikTok, it […]

AI Bull In A Marcus China Shop

“AI doesn’t understand facts, truth, or privacy. It is a reckless bull in a china shop, and we should demand better, Says Gary Marcus. When I invited Marcus, emeritus professor […]

Grievance Nation

I was on a flight to San Francisco last week waiting for takeoff when the pilot announced a delay. The pilot explained the runway was backed up, and we waited, […]

Blinded By The Ads

Does advertising make everything worse? One of the mini-blinds in my living room is starting to show age. I Googled something, or maybe Amazon heard me mention blinds. But now […]

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