Facebook INSIDERS Speak Out: A live Zoom event with fmr Employees

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“It was a hundred times worse than any of us expected. There were millions of pedophiles targeting tens of millions of children.”— Former Facebook Engineering Director

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 28, 2024 / / — Live Event: Unveiling the Truth Behind Facebook

Date: Wednesday April 3rd, 1pm ET

Time: 1pm ET / 10am PT

The conversation will feature a live discussion featuring Jeff Horwitz, the esteemed author of “Broken Code” and the journalist who brought the explosive Facebook Files to light. Alongside Jeff, former Facebook insiders Jeff Allen, a Data Scientist; Elise Liu, a Product Manager; and Arturo Bejare, a leader in Integrity and Care, will unravel the complex web of challenges and ethical dilemmas they faced within the walls of one of the world’s most influential tech giants.

This panel is a discussion about Facebook’s internal policies and code. We’ll hear firsthand accounts of life inside Facebook, insights into the blockbuster revelations by Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen, and the impact of these revelations on the global stage. Our panelists will share their unique perspectives on the internal culture, decision-making processes, and the monumental tasks of handling data integrity and user care in an environment that touches billions of lives.

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The panel will include understanding the internal dynamics and challenges faced by those who were at the forefront of Facebook’s most controversial decisions. We will gain insights into the critical documents disclosed by Frances Haugen and the implications they have for privacy, democracy, and social harmony. We’ll explore ethics and integrity, and learn about the ethical considerations and integrity measures necessary in managing platforms that influence public opinion and global communication. Then, we discuss the way forward And what the future holds for tech giants like Facebook and how they can navigate the fine line between innovation and ethical responsibility.

Audience members will be invited to engage with the speakers who have dared to speak out and shape the conversation about technology’s role in society today.

Reserve your tickets and be part of a conversation to shed light on the shadows within Facebook and inspire a dialogue towards a more transparent and accountable tech ecosystem.

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