Media is center of young peoples lives.

Let's give them the power to make media better.

Together, we're building a Sustainable Media future.


Young people deserve media that entertains and informs without undermining their health and emotional well-being. The Mission of the Sustainable Media Center is to examine, experiment, and deploy solutions that will give a new generation of media consumers and creators meaningful agency and ownership of their increasingly media-centric lives.

The Sustainable Media Center is a 501c3 organization formed by a diverse and inclusive board of over 85 leaders in media, technology and academia who want to foster and facilitate positive change to the current state of media.

The Problem:

Media today is amplifying hate, misinformation, and conflict. It’s hurting our children. It’s undermining civil society and democracy. Social Media is addictive. News media is under siege. Gaming platforms amplify misinformation. Political adversaries are using media to strategically sow dissent.

The Solution:

To give young media consumers and creators a new set of tools, actions, and agency to demand change in how media treats them. To build these new actions from the ground up, not by telling teens what they need, but by asking them. To  use ideas, iteration, testing, and data to fund applications and have measurable impact. Agency fueled by actions.

Actionable answers

 1. What does Generation Alpha need to make media trusted and safe?  A nationwide exploration into how teens use media, what they like, and the dangers and risks they are exposed to that risk their mental health and physical well-being. 

2. Open Call. Projects and Founders:  With startups, in garages, at universities, and at incubators, ideas are being explored to make the lives of media-centric teens safe and sustainable.

3. New Voices. New Stories. A year-long series of podcasts, virtual presentations, and a gathering of diverse voices to amplify voices that can set examples for media makers that want to have agency over their creative lives. 

Meet the Team

We believe in making change with action.

A remarkable team of thinkers and do-ers. We want ideas to test, and build solutions.


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