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Today, a new generation of media creators and consumers are looking for tools and actions to gain agency over their media-centric lives. Our collaborators are at the cutting edge of AI, misinformation, algorithmic content creation and curation, and civic conversations. Our Industry partners are working to put our research into action.

What we engage IN

Sustainable Media Crosses Boundries

Young Media. Consumers and Creators

A new generation has new expectations from media. How do they gain agency over their media-centric lives? New tools to gain control.

New Rules and Standards

Standards /Policy / Data Privacy . Can collective action help shape a new framework for Sustainable Media?

News and Information in a TikTok World

Fake News, Truth and AI. As young news consumers become creators, the definition of truth evolves. How will AI accelerate the creation and consumption of content?

Diversity / Equity / Inclusion for Young Media Makers

Content creators are looking for equitable treatment in the media ecosystem. How are they compensated, how can they control their voice and impact.

Our research by the Numbers

It's In The Data

The data is a roadmap to trends and behaviors that are being driven by the web. What are people watching, what are people sharing, what are bots doing? Think of data as a flashlight that illuminates darkness.

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5 Billion Videos Viewed On YouTube each day

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Avg TikTok Minutes/Day

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Hours on Avg Iphone

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Hate Crimes

Our Value

The power of applied intelligence.


We know the internet connects us - and Media is the glue that makes those connections work. But making media less toxic is a team sport. Join in.


People make media. Stories, Games, Videos, Songs, digital tokens of what matters. Allowing people to Make, Consume and Share Media that Matters is our overarching goal.


Sustainable Media Matters

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We believe in making change with action.

A remarkable team of thinkers and do-ers. We want ideas to test, and build solutions.


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