SMC at TED 2024

It was an extraordinary week of conversations, community, and strategic action in Vancouver. The TED 2024 gathering was a sign of the future. A diverse group of technologists, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and mission-driven founders gathered to face complex questions and plan for the future. Sustainable Media Center’s Board of Advisors had a strong showing.

At a Monday night dinner hosted by the Clarion foundation, SMC advisor Dr David Sweet gathered Vancouver, digital leaders and SMC board of advisors members per conversation about how misinformation was impacting the health and safety of our increasingly digital society.

Guy Winch, Karen Wicre, Joan Enriques, Stephen DeBerry, Cyndi Stivers, and Pankaj Kedia were all in Vancouver and joined in a mix of planned and informal conversations. 

On Thursday Scott Galloway took the stage with the talk that asked the provocative question. Do we love our children?

The impact of social media on young people was the talk of the evening and SMC executive Director Steve Rosenbaum was invited to put together a brief talk to amplify the question of how young people are being impacted by technology. It was a great honor , and got very strong positive response from the audience

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