The Digitization Of Childhood Play

Jonathan Haidt’s new book “The Anxious Generation” is generating many conversations about youth and social media, and the impact of growing up in a digital world. His work aligns with […]

Blinded By The Ads

Does advertising make everything worse? One of the mini-blinds in my living room is starting to show age. I Googled something, or maybe Amazon heard me mention blinds. But now […]

Parents Move Washington On Big Tech

Senate hearings are often “kabuki theater,“ as explained by a friend of mine who has been to many of them. But it may just be that yesterday‘s hearings were different. […]

Barack Obama Calls For A New Kind Of Media

Former President Barack Obama is thinking about media’s impact on society and democracy. Obama spoke at the annual Democracy Forum in Chicago sponsored by the Obama Foundation. The room was […]

What is Frequency?

Standing in front of a virtual room of high school students and tech leaders, Braxton Woodham, president of Unfinished Labs, said he sees the current state of social networks as […]

Misaligned Incentives Fuel Hate Online

Over the past week, I’ve led a series of conversations about the current state of media, and the increasing sense that media platforms are amplifying hate and misinformation. There are […]

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