US Senator Cory Booker and 15 GenZ Leaders to join online conversation hosted by the Sustainable Media Center

An open dialog about the issues, ideas, and concerns facing GenZ today

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 25, 2023 / — Cory Booker to Livestream Conversation with GenZ, On Tuesday, May 26th at 10m ET, Senator Cory Booker will join a conversation with GenZ leaders. The conversation stream will premier on YouTube.

Free tickets can be attained here;

Cory Booker Roundtable

This is an important conversation to have, especially now. With the issues facing GenZ. Topics will include the impact of Social Media on the mental health and wellbeing of teens, the growing impacts of climate change, and the attracts on education, including the growing tide of book bans.

The conversation will be moderated by the founder of GenZ For Change, Aidan Kohn-Murphy, and Hosted by the Sustainable Media Center, whose Executive Director Steven Rosenbaum will open the session.

Panelists will include:

-Aidan Kohn-Murphy – Moderator / Founder GenZ For Change /SMC Next Gen Board
-Avalon Fenster, SMC Next Gen Board, Barnard College of Columbia University,
-Sophia Ongele, SMC Next Gen Board, Gen-ZForChange
-Connor Dalgaard, SMC Next Gen Board, Youth Mental Health Activist
-Zamaan Qureshi, SMC Next Gen Board, Co-Chair | Design It For Us
-Maia Ervin, Chief Impact Officer, JUV Consulting
-Olivia Steltzer, SMC Next Gen Boad, Cramm The News
-Hannah Trauberman, Student, NYC
-Sabine Lawrence,
-Kyle Anderson, Fusion Academy, Junior)
-Mukilan Muthukumar – YVote, Senior at Hunter College High School /
-Sonja Aibel, YVote, 16 Year Old Brooklyn Technical High School senior,
-Arden P. B. Wiese, Stanford University
-Parker Grove, Stanford Law School

Senator Booker has always been an advocate for young people and our voices. He was one of the first politicians to use social media to connect with constituents and he’s been a powerful voice in the Senate for issues like gun reform, climate change, and criminal justice reform. We’re excited to hear what he has to say and to have their voices heard. We need to come together and have these important conversations so that we can move forward and make change.

If you want to hear what GenZ is thinking about -make sure to tune in to Senator Booker’s conversation on Tuesday, September 26th at 10am ET on YouTube here:

Steve Rosenbaum
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